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What is EvangArts  and what's up with this boring page?

The answer: they are two very amazing things that are still being developed. To be fair, this web page is not nearly as amazing as the artwork it will be featuring in the future, but for now, it is just here to answer the first question. So let me tell you all about EvangArts!

        EvangArts is simply the title for a life-long series of evangelic artworks, which can also be described as visual sermons. For a few years now, I have been searching for a way to marry my creative talents with my spiritual mission as a Christian to further God's Kingdom. Even before I gave it a name, I felt that the concept of EvangArts would fulfill that calling.

        Like my creative service and lesson pages with their respective bird mascots, EvangArts is represented by a white dove, a familiar Christian symbol for love, peace and messengers. Likewise, a resounding theme in this art series will be messages of God's amazing love, the peace He makes in the hearts of His believers, and plenty of Biblical truths regarding sin, salvation, church doctrine, and the political and social issues of our time, which I'm sure will prove to be thought-provoking, inspire soul-searching,  and could even become controversial in light of the postmodernist philosophies that permeate our culture. The point is not to raise controversy for the sake of being divisive. Quite the opposite, actually.

       After all, Christianity is plagued by divisiveness. Jesus prayed for unity of His body, His church. But over the course of the last two thousand years, mankind has decided to depart from Biblical authority to follow his own whims. Each apostasy results in a new denomination or a new religion altogether any many have left the faith with its rampant hypocrisies and confusion. The purpose of this series is to promote a movement toward restoring the simple church of the New Testament, living an effective and infectious spiritual life, and helping others to do the same.

       I'm not declaring to have all the answers. I'm declaring that the Bible has all the answers. And if we ever hope to function as a family of believers the way God intended, we would do well to follow His Word on the matter.

       So how will EvangArts be employed to this cause? Once there are at least a small number of works completed, they will begin an art tour among local congregations willing to display them for a few consecutive days or weeks. There may be some traditional gallery venues involved. Art prints will be made available for sale for local congregations or individuals. The works will be circulated online and hopefully will go viral with the help of motivated fellow Christians and organizations. In time, and with God's blessing, I would like this ministry to reach nationwide, even internationally. Sometimes it seems like a pipe-dream. But with God, all things are possible.

       If you would like to send your support in any way you are moved, or if you think your congregation would benefit from the art tour, please email me at:  

       The donation of your time and effort in spreading the news is worth far more to me than monetary means. Thank you, and God bless!