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Mural Commission Procedure
        Are you interested in commissioning a mural? If so, you have come to the right place! Below is an easy step-by-step guide to commissioning a mural from Emily Sodders.

       1. Develop a vision of your ideal wall mural.
Your vision may be quite complex or very vague. You may also have various images that inspire your idea in subject and style, so it's a good idea to save and share them with me when communicating your vision. This is especially important if you want a mural of a specific place , like a vacation spot, as having photo references of it are essential. The more effort you put into this step and the more involved you are in the creative process, generally the more pleased you will be in the outcome. As much as I am the artist and will make suggestions, the creative seed comes from you. Make it a good one!

       2. Contact me.
Let me know of your intent to commission and by what means you will send me  your Commission Order Form (see Step #3) so that I can be on the look-out for it. At this time, I will look to my schedule to let you know of the nearest openings. I take commissions on a first come, first serve basis. If there is a wait and it does not suit your desired deadline, I will make recommendations of other muralists who may be able to assist you sooner.

       3. Complete and send a Commission Order Form.
 You may print it out and send it to me by traditional means, or as an email attachment. I will contact you again  once I have reviewed it. If  the mural location is reasonably local to Bird House Studio and  you desire to schedule an onsite consultation, we will do so at this time, otherwise, all other questions and communication will be via a phone/email consultation regarding your art piece. You will need to send pictures of the wall/ceiling in question. While a few simple sketch ideas are complimentary, I charge $100  for a full-color digital approximation  mural preview, but it is optional and has never been necessary.

       4. Pay deposit.
  I require a deposit of  50% of the Commission Price. Cash or check only at this time. Checks must clear before work begins. The price of your mural commission is based on its dimensions. You can consult with the pricing sheet to determine the correct amount.

       5. Give feedback during mural creation.
During the creation of your mural, I ask that you offer feedback from time to time. Your feedback is critical to securing and  maintaining your satisfaction.

       6. Pay balance.
Upon the completion of your mural, the balance is due. Again, cash or check only.

       7. Creative Service Survey (optional)
After the completion of your mural, I will send you a Creative Service Survey either by mail or email. This survey is completely optional, but by offering your feedback and suggestions, I am able to serve my clients better every time. It is greatly appreciated.
       You know the one! That wall that you have been dieing to spruce up. The one that needs to have a little painterly touch. Let me take care of that for you; it's my pleasure!