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Born, adopted, and raised in Texas by Charles and Donna Luther, Emily was blessed with a wonderful childhood enriched by strong family values, fun adventures with her brother, Nathan, and a supportive network of church family, community and friends where ever she traveled. While her family encouraged her growth in many activities and sports, it became clear time and time again that her predominate interests and talents were creative ones. Around the time of her transition between middle and high school, Emily made an affirmative decision to pursue an artistic career, when and where ever God opened opportunities for her.
          Throughout high school, those opportunities came in the form of commissions large and small from connections within her network, art for charity, and sundry creative projects. She also participated in the annual juried Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art competition, placing highly and displaying at the Hayloft Gallery during the Rodeo events. Under the mentorship of her middle and high school art teacher, Susan Bohon, Emily was able to experiment with a variety of media and develop a great focus using color pencils to create vivid wild-life and western-themed artwork.

          Emily was accepted to study illustration at New Hampshire Institute of Art the fall of her senior year and made the big move to Manchester following her graduation and a summer of mural-painting. During her freshman and sophomore years of college, she explored even more creative methods and was challenged to work more efficiently to keep up with the time demand of the commercial illustration industry. While she counts those lessons well worth the time and money spent, she found the regiment of college life and the self-indulgent mentality of peer culture emotionally depressing and creatively stifling. She decided that the situation was not conducive for producing the quality of art she desired, preferring a more independently-directed education and to re-jump-start her career as a professional freelance

          If pending education and occupational transitions were not enough already, God introduced Emily to a handsome fellow by the name of Vin, with an uncanny amount of mutual values, interests and goals. Naturally, a close friendship ensued. But the Lord had more in store for them. Through a number of other providential happenings, they fell in love and were married little more than a year later and have since moved to the quiet village of Gilsum, New Hampshire, where they raise their four-legged children. It is here that Emily established Bird House Studio in the relative tranquility of the woods where inspiration is always nigh.

         Today, the happy couple, both artists in their respective fields, are realizing their passionate missions of serving God in and beyond the Monadnock Region, as individuals and as a team- and loving every minute of it!




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