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A Confession

         Until recently, I believed my calling was to be an artist.

          I figured that since I had some natural talent, some formal education, and a bit of recognition in the industry, that these endowments combined with my creative and entrepreneurial ambitions would carry me into a very successful art career. And they probably would have, but only for vain glory: to draw and paint for the sake of confirming my ability to do so in the eyes of men, in hopes that someone, somewhere would reward my efforts in a transaction. That was my enigmatic idea of success. It sounds terrible when I put it like that, but I think that after all I have seemingly accomplished, much of my motive to "be an artist" was muddied by self-serving desires. No matter how beautiful the art may have been, that is terrible. I view some of my art as just a by-product of my seasons of spiritual decay. With all their decorations and fine framing, they are beautiful and even valuable to me, but only as reminders of a demon I am in open and constant battle with. That is my confession.

          I know, that's a rather unexpectedly rough way for someone to view their past work. But I have realized that my calling is not simply to "be an artist" because that is not fulfilling my true purpose on this planet, in fact, it makes me vulnerable to all manners of pride and vanity in my creations. It took me a while to figure it out, but my creativity is not really my career, it is a tool of my career; a tool that I have been blessed with for the service of others. In fact, I'm not even sure I can call it a career anymore, because it is more of a  mission campaign now. A campaign that has three sets of wings; each designed to serve, to evangelize, and to teach others how to utilize the same creative assets. These wings fly united under a common banner: Bird House Studio.

          At Bird House Studio, there is a new-founded passion that drives everything produced; whether a mural, a fine art drawing, or a workshop. Success is counted every time the awesome and inspiring power of God is manifested in the serving of and reaching out in love to others with a heart of humility determined to glorify Him. The creation of art is just means to that end, a tool to further the Kingdom. That is my calling.

          "Commit your works to the Lord            
                  And your plans will be established."                                            Sincerely,
                                -Proverbs 16:3

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